• About Us

    Supporting local businesses and the communities that rely on them.

    Our Vision

    Nytch is built by a diverse group that came together to solve a major problem with small brick-and mortar businesses trying to expand online: the lack of human connection in modern e-commerce.

    Online shoppers are no longer content with a generic experience. Nytch allows small businesses to deploy their personalized services, skills, unique expertise, and offline inventory directly to their customers with the convenience of a mobile app.

    Our goal is to help small businesses thrive with the latest technology and support the local communities that rely on them.

    Our Story

    Nytch is a mobile commerce app (for iOS and Android) that connects consumers with their local businesses.

    Instead of having to search across the internet, call a bunch of phone numbers, wait for email replies, or travel from store to store to visit, users simply create “requests” describing what they need - or even just the problem they need to solve. Nytch matches these requests with relevant participating businesses that then respond with thoughtful product recommendations and advice, guiding shoppers to the best services and products.

    Launched in Spring 2019, Nytch has a solid base of 60+ local businesses and animal adoption agencies through Yolo and adjoining counties.

    Our operations are based in Woodland, CA. We have assembled a team of experts from around the world to bring Nytch to life.

  • Our Team

    Grant Lea


    Grant began his professional career working in Governor Schwarzenegger's office in Sacramento, California. There, he was responsible for ensuring that several of the Governor's key workforce development initiatives in healthcare were implemented at the statewide and local levels. After a little more time in politics, Grant switched to advising technology clients in technology contract negotiations and transactions.


    He is a graduate of Pepperdine University and the University of Washington School of Law.

    Yash Parghi


    Yash brings 10 years' professional engineering experience, from young startups-ups to major companies like Google and Etsy. His roles have ranged from tech lead / project management to greenfield development and building teams. At Google, Yash worked on open-source projects and on the open-source adaptation of internal data pipeline tool. At Etsy, he worked on the Continuous Deployment team wherein he managed the CI system served as an in-house consultant.


    He received his B.A. in Math (minor computer science) from Cornell University.

    Jeffrey Miao


    Jeff brings a decade of experience in design and visual storytelling to Nytch. During his time at Allison+Partners and John McNeil Studio, Jeff has worked to develop comprehensive marketing campaigns for startups, Fortune 500 companies, and everything in between. Jeff has worked on and launched campaigns for some of the most recognizable brands in the Bay Area including Nest, Uber, Intel, and Impossible. He is currently heading up a motion design role at Google Cloud.


    He received his B.A. from UC San Diego and M.S. from NYU.

    Francis Beasley

    Lead iOS Developer

    Francis is a highly experienced iOS developer who has been recognized by the industry for his achievements. With a very impressive portfolio, Francis has either led or served as a principal developer on the Hotels.com app, the Nike suite of apps, and the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) app, among many others. Moreover, seventeen of Francis' apps have earned the coveted "Choice of the Week" title from Apple, resulting in more than 350 million app downloads.

    Chase Kellison


    Chase launched his first business during his first year at the University of Oregon. SippyCup Trading was an internet-based company that educated paying members about financial securities. An aggressive entrepreneur, his unrelenting work ethic and instincts for customer habits give Nytch the advantage it needs with emerging consumers. Chase has proven to move swiftly and manage dozens of people at once, providing strong communication and clear pathways toward accomplishing goals in timely manners.


    Chase holds a bachelor's degree in public relations from the University of Oregon.

  • Our Advisors

    Jane S. Taylor

    Ms. Taylor received her baccalaureate degree in Nursing from the University of Washington Medical Center in 1979. She founded Pacific Coast Clinical Coordinators, Inc. "PC3Inc.," a Site Management Organization in 1988, The Geneva Foundation in 1993, and Northwest Kinetics, Inc, a Phase I pharmaco-kinetic clinical research unit, in 1995.

    Ms. Taylor remains actively involved in The Geneva Foundation, serving on its Board of Directors as Founder and Chief Strategy Officer. Ms. Taylor served for fifteen years on the Goodwill of the Olympics & Rainier Region’s Board of Directors, part of which she served as the Board Chair, affording her significant experience and perspective to the thrift industry.

    Samir Singh

    Samir Singh is General Counsel at Accel Robotics and Principal at Triton Bridge, PC, a San Diego-based technology licensing law firm. Mr. Singh is also and Founder and President of MakeYou, Inc., a mobile health software company. He was previously Innovation Officer for ProQuest, LLC a global information services company. Samir received a Bachelor of Arts from Claremont McKenna College, cum laude, and a Juris Doctor from the University of Washington School of Law. Samir also serves as a Trustee of Francis W. Parker School, an independent K-12 school in San Diego, California.

    Adam Gee

    Adam started his engineering career at Google upon graduating from Stanford with a Computer Systems Engineering degree in 2005. While at Google, Adam spent most of his time building Colossus, the second generation of the Google File System. Adam and his team designed, wrote, and built the entire system from scratch. Once completed, he shifted to tech lead of a small team deployed within the company that was focused on speeding up the browsing experience by proxying web content through Google and applying page optimization techniques on the fly. He departed Google to begin a role as a founding engineer of Rubrik, Inc., where he manages the core technical infrastructure teams as a director.

    Eric Meyerhofer

    Eric serves as Chief Executive Officer and a Board member of Gamblit Gaming which he co-founded in 2010. Gamblit Gaming manufactures and distributes a new class of highly interactive slot machines for land based casinos in North America and previously operated its own online casino serving the UK. As a hands-on CEO, he has been an active contributor to the company’s casino gaming content, its technology and its extensive IP portfolio and oversees its operations. Prior to Gamblit, he co-founded a company named FutureLogic in the mid-1980s which was a supplier of technology to the casino gaming and other industries. At FutureLogic, he helped develop numerous products, ran its Product Development group and ultimately became its CEO then Chairman leading to a successful exit for its investors in 2014. He is a named inventor on hundreds of patents.

    Jeff Nytch

    Jeff would like to claim he’s “the name behind the name,” but he’s just a guy with an eponymous Polish moniker. Jeff enjoys a diverse career as an educator, award-winning composer, voice actor, and consultant. His book, The Entrepreneurial Muse: Inspiring your career in classical music (Oxford) has made him an international thought leader in the world of arts entrepreneurship. Jeff earned dual degrees in music and geology from Franklin & Marshall College, and masters and doctoral degrees in music from Rice University. He is an Associate Professor at The University of Colorado-Boulder, where he directs the Entrepreneurship Center for Music. Jeff lives in Boulder with his husband, Jeffrey Kash.

    Jeffrey Kash

    Jeffrey is a nationally-recognized event planner, community organizer, and philanthropist. He has produced fundraising events that have raised millions of dollars for charities across the country, and has won several awards for his innovative community engagement work in the credit union industry. He brings an uncanny marketing sense to the table, along with a vast network of corporate and community contacts. Jeffrey is the Community Development Manager at Elevations Credit Union, and lives in Boulder, CO with his husband, Jeff Nytch.

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