• About Us

    Adapting the future to local shopping, not the other way around.

    Our Vision

    We believe a mobile economy needs to share more than information, it needs to share knowledge. A customer can access over a million options with a fingertip so easily accessing human knowledge and valuable perspective becomes critical. When you can access over a million options with your fingertip, the human element becomes more important than ever. At Nytch, we believe your company works best when you optimize access to the knowledge and expertise already present in your staff so you can focus on what's most important: your customer.

    Our Story

    Our founding team is a diverse group that came together to solve a major problem with retail commerce. The richness of the human mind and spirit means that each of us develops our own passions, builds unique knowledge from individual experiences, and has our own philosophy on our place in the world. In e-commerce, this vital human asset and the inventory that expressed it was removed from the customer's experience online. This deprives millions of people from the benefits of true human product knowledge. Not anymore.


    For the past three years, we have been building, testing, and refining the platform that changes the way companies of all sizes and in all industries find and meaningfully engage their customers. The Nytch platform was built with the feedback and insight of the businesses that we work with.


    Online shoppers are no longer content with a generic experience. Nytch deploys your services, skills, unique expertise and offline inventory in a manner that conforms to the way modern people live their lives.