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    Small & Independent Businesses

  • What is Nytch?

    Nytch is a whole new way for people to shop locally with small and independent businesses in their community - connecting high-intent leads at the critical moment of decision.


    We're looking to partner with Boulder small businesses and help them connect with their community during these unprecedented times and beyond.

  • Why is Nytch different?

    You don't run your business like a warehouse. So neither do we.

    It's not enough to have a website.

    Websites don't drive sales by themselves.

    Nytch is a common market that helps local shoppers discover your business by driving virtual foot traffic to your business and connects you with high-intent leads at the critical moment of decision.

    Build relationships with customers.

    Interact with your customers, not the tech.

    Nytch helps you run your business the way you've always run it - and lets you focus on what really matters. Chat and engage with your customers virtually face-to-face.

  • How does Nytch work?



    Customers create requests for products and services in their community.



    Nytch matches requests with local businesses to engage the customers and provide solutions.



    Purchases are made through the app to be picked up in-store.

  • Nytch connects local communities.

  • FAQ

    Who are we?

    Co-Founders Great Lea, an attorney from Woodland, and Jeffrey Miao, a designer from Berkeley, are trying to empower business owners with the tools to thrive in today’s economy. They are currently partnering with Jeff Nytch and Jeffrey Kash, Boulder natives and residents, to spur interest and help businesses reach more of their community.

    How much will this cost me?

    Nothing. We want to prove that this concept can work in Boulder, and all participating Boulder businesses will be grandfathered when Nytch gets going and begins to expand. The only additional cost is a 2.9% credit card fee, but we don't directly earn any money out of this.


    If Nytch isn't the right fit for you, then simply the delete the app and you won't incur any cost or fee.


  • Are you a small business owner and interested in Nytch? Let's talk!

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