• Reach more secondhand shoppers

    The secondhand industry is expected to grow 127% by 2026. Your store can be at the forefront of that growth. From high end collectors to interior designers, Nytch helps you reach customers who are passionate about shopping secondhand. If you want to digitally connect with local shoppers and the greater secondhand community, join the Nytch waitlist below.

  • How Nytch Works



    A shopper uses the Nytch app to create a request for an item they're hunting for.



    Your store employee receives the request on a store smartphone & replies back with recommendations.



    The shopper can either purchase the item or ask to hold it in the store—all through the app.



    The shopper works with the store employee to arrange picking up the item. Their visit to the store often results in additional purchases.

  • Nytch helps grow your business

    Reach local shoppers even when they're not in your store. 

    Personalize your customers' experiences. 

    Help shoppers design their spaces and style their wardrobe.

    Eliminate shipping costs. 

    Compete with large-scale retailers. 

    Maximize the efficiency and potential of your retail space.

    Expand your existing shopper-base.

    Sell to a digital audience, easier than you can on social media marketplaces.

    Connect with active shoppers already on the app.


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    Retailers can join our waitlist now to ensure they have immediate access to the many benefits of the next generation of the Nytch app.

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    Early adopters of Nytch are given preferential pricing and lock in their price for one year.

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    We are building an innovative platform and want your input to ensure Nytch works for you.

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    When you sign up on the waitlist, you get first access to innovative tools that drive sales.

    Connect the community

    Start telling friends and family about shopping secondhand using Nytch.

    Efficiently grow your business

    Learn from businesses and shoppers and ensure Nytch works best for you.

    Share the vision with customers

    Start growing your customer base by telling your shoppers to join the shopper waitlist.

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