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    What is Nytch?

    Nytch is a brand new way for locals to discover stores, inventory, and experts in their own communities. Instead of having to search throughout the internet, make calls, send emails, and schedule in-store visits, shoppers can now simply create "requests" for what they need. Participating stores receive those requests and then respond with thoughtful product recommendations and advice based on what they have in store, guiding shoppers to the right products.

    How much does it cost to use?

    Accounts and requests are free! Shoppers won't pay a dime to access the unique inventory and knowledge of local store owners and experts. In fact, shoppers save time and money because now they have people who know their products helping them find the exact right product--saving the time, money and effort of returns.


    You only pay for those recommended products that you decide to purchase.



    How do I get my business onto Nytch?

    Just reach out to us directly at hello@nytch.me or click the "I'm a retailer" button within the Nytch app. We'd love to talk to you to discuss whether Nytch would be a good fit for you, your employees and your customers.

    How do I get access to Nytch?

    Nytch is a free app for iPhone and Android devices, so you will need to download Nytch from either Google PlayTM or the Apple App StoreTM in order to use it. Once you have downloaded the app, you "sign up" by creating an account through Google, Facebook, or regular email. Upon creating an account, you will have access to the Nytch network of local businesses.

    How do I create a shopper account?

    Shopper accounts are easy to create and free to use! To get the Nytch App, download the app for either the iPhone or Android. Once you've downloaded it, open it from your phone home screen and press "Sign up" at the bottom left. You will then be asked to sign up using a Google account, a Facebook account, or your own email. Once you've chosen how to create an account, we ask for just a little information about you: your name, ZIP code (to make sure that we send the requests to the right places), and an optional photo.


    Once all of that is entered, you can being creating requests! Just press the "Create Request" button at the bottom of your shopper home screen.

    If I'm a shopper, how does Nytch work exactly?

    The problem with shopping for anything on the internet is that you don't know if what you are buying is exactly what you need. This is true for clothes, tools, auto parts, gardening items, and countless other categories of goods and services sold online. Nytch bypasses this problem by connecting you directly with the local store owners and their employees who can share their knowledge with you.


    To create a request, you simply enter what you need or the problem you are trying to solve, how much you are willing to pay, and how far you can travel to pick up this item. That request is then sent to all of the stores that carry what you are looking for, who respond with product recommendations based on what they have in store. You can message them with further questions or to get additional ideas, ask to hold the item in store to see it before you buy it, or pay for it right across Nytch so that it is ready for you when you drop by the store to collect it.

    What is an example of how I can use it for my shopping?

    Here is a scenario that we can all relate to:

    Your car leaves you stranded and you discover that you need to replace a specific, broken part. Take a photo of the part you need to replace, state the car model and describe what happened to the extent you can, and then designate how far you'd be willing to travel to pick up the replacement. Then, let the local experts who own and work at auto parts stores guide you to the right product through their recommendations, saving you the effort of hours of research and protecting you from having to purchase and return multiple products that you purchased online but were not what you needed.

    What are some other examples to help me understand why I need Nytch?

    There are infinite ways to use Nytch. But, let's give you some more ideas to illustrate how it is a tool for major projects and small errands.


    Say your kid moved away for college and you want to turn that extra bedroom in to a home office but aren't sure how it should look. Take a photo of the room and then send it in a request! Or, you just bought a home and want to get new fixtures that match the vintage look of the broken ones in your home. Send a request! Another example? Your parents are coming in from out of town and you really need to clean the carpets before they get there but don't know where you can rent you a carpet steam cleaner ASAP. Send a request! Your entire garden died last year and you want to know what plants can survive the local summers and your lack of a green thumb? Send that request!

    I'm a business owner. What can Nytch do for me?

    Selling items online through conventional platforms is time-consuming, expensive, stressful, and risky. Say you want to create a website to have a place on the internet, so you register a domain. Well, now you have to advertise to reach people who do not already know you exist. Upon beginning advertising, you must continually tweak and refine the campaign to see what does and does not work. Then, if you want to monetize that website, you have to incorporate a digital inventory management system in addition to shipping items across the country--taking on considerable costs on all fronts. You are no longer a business owner, you are an internet company, which means you cannot focus on what matters most: building relationships with local shoppers who will return time-and-time again.


    Nytch brings you access to online shoppers while allowing you to run your store the way you always have by prioritizing those individual relationship with customers through excellent service. When you respond to a shopper's request, you are engaging a local consumer who needs the items and, importantly, expertise that you have. You don't have to spend money on digital advertising campaigns, e-commerce inventory systems, shipping, returns, or all of the other costs that add up. Rather, you just collect requests and send out product recommendations, interacting with shoppers at every step along the way.

    Is it easy to use for my employees and me?

    We've spent a lot of time to make Nytch as easy and intuitive to use as possible. To do this, we have spent thousands of hours working with store owners and their employees to make Nytch do what they need it to. We exist outside of your existing inventory system, so no need to deal with cumbersome "compatibility" problems. If you have an existing e-commerce component to your business, that's great! We can exist right along side that to enhance your reach within your local community or we can serve as your dedicated e-commerce solution. The point is: we are easy to use and adaptable to whatever your business presently employs.

    How much does it cost for my store to participate?

    Nytch is a free service and only succeeds when your business does. We don't charge account creation or maintenance fees whatsoever. Rather, for sales that occur across the Nytch platform, we assess a small fee.

    Say it doesn't work for my business after giving it a try, are there penalties to cancel?

    None at all. Like we said: we only succeed if your business succeeds. We completely understand if you decide that it just doesn't work for you for whatever reason. You can cancel at any time without penalty.

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