• How the rubber meets the road

    Creating Shopper Requests and Responding to Recommendations

    Here's how it works...

    Above is a three-minute video that explains how to create requests and then respond to recommendations from local businesses. Nytch is redesigning the way e-commerce works: connecting you with local stores, their product experts, and the discovery of unique, offline inventory.


    Support local stores. Save time and avoid stress. Get the product that is perfect for you--all in the Nytch App.

    What it's like to shop through Nytch...

    Nytch is how you access offline inventory and--more importantly--the expert knowledge of local businesses. Describe a gift you need or the person you're shopping for, a problem that you need to solve, or an item you are trying to replace--it can be anything--and let the experts send recommendations from their offline inventory using their expert knowledge and experience.


    Need to know what soil to use for a raised garden bed? Send that request. A housewarming gift for your sister? Send that request. What decorative items would look great in your re-designed bedroom? You get the idea--Nytch is a tool to solve those problems and countless others.