• Introducing Nytch.

    Supporting local businesses has never been easier.

    NYTCH is based in Woodland California

  • Coronavirus Update

    If you are a business that is experiencing challenges due to this public health emergency, please let us know as we are allowing affected businesses to use Nytch for free during this time of crisis.

    We are all in this together

    To make this time of uncertainty easier for you, we want to help in any way that we can. As a small business owner, you are a major part of your community--beyond your business. If you think that our product can help you in any way, please reach out. We want to be a part of the solution and the best investment that we can make is in you.

  • Welcome to Nytch

    Too busy to find what you need at local stores? Let Nytch do it for you!

  • How Nytch Works

    Create Requests, Get Recommendations from Experts at Local Stores



    Explain what you are shopping for or the problem you have. Your requests are matched with local businesses to find answers.



    Local businesses respond to your needs, providing you with their offline knowledge, not just their products, to actually help you.


    In-Store Pickup.

    Pick up orders in store when convenient or inspect them before you buy. Stores you work with are local, sometimes in your own neighborhood!



    Nytch brings you offline products and expert knowledge in one place. From the right outfit to the perfect pet, Nytch brings you the right match.

  • How Nytch Helps You

    ​Nytch is a tool to make your life easier. Nytch connects you with local businesses that can help you solve a problem, not just sell you a product. From the right soil for a backyard garden to the perfect pet for your family, ask Nytch.

    Save time, Stay local, Connect to your Community

    Nytch saves you time by bringing you the experts at local businesses to guide you to the right product. Get more than just an item online, get a recommendation personally chosen for you by a local business or animal rescue agency.

    Gifts are hard to buy. Need help? Ask Nytch.

    Gifts make occasions more special-- but, the right gift is hard to find. Instead of looking through impersonal gift guides--Nytch brings you a personal gift guide at every store. From an anniversary to a house warming party, Nytch connects you with the perfect match.

    Save time when shopping thrift stores by searching them all at one

    Finding the thrift store or second-hand item you are looking for takes a lot of time and effort. For example, looking for children's sports equipment can take hours of time and energy.


    Instead of calling, messaging, or visiting all the thrift stores to find what you need, send a request through Nytch and ask all of them at once. If a store has what you want, it will send you a recommendation.

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