• Our platform is designed for unconventional businesses.

    Off-price retailers, secondhand shops, antique dealers and thrift vendors can reach more customers with Nytch.

    Do more on-the-go.

    Always be there for your customers and never miss a sale.

    Nytch is a purely mobile platform, optimized for Appleº and Androidº smartphones. You no longer have to be chained to your computer to drive sales, interact with customers, or make sure your employees are engaged. Do it all on your phone!

    Connect with customers at the right time.

    Solution-driven matching is the key to success.

    Nytch brings shoppers to you based on what they're shopping for. You don't need to buy impressions or optimize your website. Just do what you do best — find the perfect match for your online customers the same way you do for those in store.

    Be nimble. Be quick.

    An online platform that keeps up with you.

    Overwhelmed by the thought of digitizing all your merchandise? Don't do it! With Nytch, you upload exactly what online shoppers want when they want it. It is easier than posting a photograph to social media.

    Run your business your way.

    Your business can thrive online without changing its DNA.

    The internet revolutionized retail - but the existing platforms out there force you to run your business the way they want you to. Nytch allows you to leverage your knowledge, expertise, and personal touch in the online marketplace so you can succeed on your own terms.

  • How it works.

    As an exclusively mobile platform, shoppers seamlessly access both you and your inventory.



    Shoppers create requests that are sent to local businesses to help find the products and services they need.



    Businesses recommend products and services based on what shoppers are asking for - digitizing products on-demand.



    Work with local customers through in-store fulfillment or last-mile delivery.


    Need Help?

    We're always on call! If you need help, just ask us at hello@nytch.me anytime.

  • A one-of-a-kind solution to support your unique business

    When your business relies on one-of-a-kind inventory and your unique expertise, you require a solution-driven connection to your customers. Through shopper requests, Nytch helps you deliver the unique experience, expertise, and service that your customers demand.

    Flexible. On-demand.

    Nytch is a new solution for the mobile marketplace that allows you to deploy your entire offline inventory and knowledge to your customers when they want it. You no longer need to upload hundreds of different products before you can start selling.

  • Are you a retailer? Join our waitlist today!

    Connect with local shoppers even when they're not in your store. Personalize your customers' experiences. Eliminate shipping costs. Compete with large-scale retailers. Secondhand, thrift, antique and unconventional retailers can do all that and more with Nytch.

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